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Please use this form to notify us of any maintenance issues or other problems which we need to bring to the Landlord’s attention and deal with.  We will try to respond to you within 24 hours, but please bear in mind that we are closed on Sundays and we may need to take instructions from the Landlord before we can authorise any repairs. 

Please remember that if you instruct any contractor yourself or incur expense on the landlords behalf, you may be liable for those costs especially if the Landlord has a maintenance contract or call out service already in place.

If the problem relates to electricity supply, gas safety or anything which is urgent and affects the safety of the property please DO NOT fill in this form, but call us on 01243 861344.

What is the exact nature of the problem

please give as much detail as possible

When did the problem first arise?

What action have you taken to prevent further damage?

Is this the first time this problem has arisen YES/NO
Give details if it is ongoing:

Have you telephoned us or already reported this problem?
When did you report it and how (e.g. by telephone)?

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