Stock Markets crash, interest rates set to stay low, house prices rising.


What lies in store for the local Sussex market, and what should you do to stay ahead?

The last few weeks have seen tremendous upheavals on the world stock markets, with London being no exception – with 10 straight days of losses recorded at one point and stock falls of 15%+ in August. There have been all kinds of factors influencing the sell off, most of which we cannot control or directly influence.

Experts now predict that the weakening international picture, especially the outlook for growth in China, will cause UK interest rates to remain low for longer. Pensions have been hit, stocks and shares ISA’s have fallen in value and there have been headlines aplenty. If low interest rates and volatile markets are here to stay, wise investors will want to consider alternatives, and have a spread of investments to safeguard their future and save for a pension.


While all of this has been going on, house prices have been rising and the latest report from BNP Paribas predicts that prices in the South East over next 5 years will increase by more than 30%.

This forecast isn’t a one-off and is in line with other recent predictions, including the Rightmove/Oxford Economics forecast from last year, research from Savills and many other well respected names.


Prices in West Sussex have also risen consistently in recent years as we have highlighted before.

This summary of market activity from the Zoopla website, showing Sussex house price performance over the last 5 years, illustrates the point.

Property has been a safe, steady and high yielding investment, and low interest rates seem set to keep it that way if the experts are to be believed.

So, could this be the right time for you to consider a move or to invest in a Buy-to-Let? We certainly believe that property will remain the long term investment winner that it has been over the years. Everyone needs somewhere to live, and unlike stocks and shares and other financial investments, property is a tangible thing, with land, materials and labour invested in it – which means it has intrinsic value and a tangible return.

Here at Clarkes we are well placed to help you find a great investment buy or to get a valuation of your current home ahead of making what could be a life changing decision. Our expert valuers have years of local experience, and can tell you where the best returns have been found and what type of property might be the most suitable for investment.

We have a wide selection of local property for sale – so please get in touch and see what we can do for you.

We also work with one of the leading local mortgage brokers and one of the largest solicitors, offering our clients totally independent mortgage and legal advice and access to all the best deals.

So we won’t just help you find the right property. we will help you buy it too.   We look forward to being of service very soon.


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