Are you sitting on a Goldmine – find out now!

First things first – not every large garden or side garden will have development potential. There are a whole host of things that affect planning consent and it’s important to take professional advice right at the start.


Local Planning Policy is very specific when it comes to development in garden settings. Planners will pay particular attention to the following criteria at a very early stage of consultation:


 – The affect of the development on neighbouring properties;


– Height & ‘fit’ of the proposed property with the rest of the neighbourhood;


– Pedestrian and vehicle access to the property;


– Possible future development in the location including other garden plots.


Other key considerations are the costs of installing gas, electricity, drainage and services to the new development and detailing the ground works required to create a pleasant landscape.  It is important that the new property does not detract from the appeal of the existing house.


Clarkes have literally years of experience when it comes to development and land appraisals and we will be happy to give you our initial advice free of charge and without obligation.   We work hand in hand with a very well connected specialist land sales business, local town planners and other specialists, so you can be confident that you will get the very best advice and the optimum price – whether you decide to sell the plot, build the house yourself or sub contract to a local developer.  We can also handle the sale in a very low-key fashion, keeping your business private and away from the internet.



There is a very healthy demand in Sussex for single building plots especially in village locations.  It is often advisable to obtain planning consent before putting the plot on the market to maximise the value.  We will give you tailored and plot specific advice that helps you to meet your own personal objectives and plans.


Do you have an agricultural building?  There have been recent changes to Rural Planning Policies which in simple terms, allow the conversion of farm or redundant agricultural buildings to residential dwellings without the need for planning permission.


These changes are to your ‘permitted development rights’ and allow you to create up to THREE dwellings, turning redundant and almost worthless buildings into high value assets.


So you could literally be sitting on a goldmine, and there has never been a better time to find out what you might be able to do with your land or buildings.


Don’t delay – find out what you could do with your landplease call our Managing Director Paul Clarke for a personal and confidential initial discussion and appraisal.